All support is greatly appreciated. 

All sponsors are displayed on a sponsor board, at Ten Spot Lanes, and on bowling shirts that the bowlers wear.

No Donation is to Big or to Small.

Make all support donations payable to : Barry's Kids

Send to                                                         2105 Hanaford Ave

                                                                     Bismarck, ND 58501

For more information or questions call Barry Schneider @ 425-3351

or Drop off a Sponsor Check Payable to Barry's Kids at-

Ten Spot Lanes

107 11th Ave Ne, Mandan, ND 58554


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What is BARRY'S KIDS??    


        Barry's Kids is an organization that helps children.   There are many facets to Barry's Kids.   Some of those facets are:


1.    Providing youth and young adult bowlers with new bowling balls.

2.    Providing various t-shirts and other awards/rewards for the youth and young adult aspiring bowlers.

3. Providing Bowling Fees, Food and Drinks for all the youth and young adults, coaching, camaraderie, etc.


Barry's Kids  is now expanding again.   We are now raising money to help out the youth in the area. Whether they have special needs such as but not limited to physical disabilities, homelessness, in group homes and foster care or just want to join a sport such as bowling to form friendships and life skills.


Barry's Kids has an annual fundraiser in October, to help raise funds for all children and or adults.  The bowling fundraiser is open to everyone, if you can throw a bowling ball you can participate. We solicit sponsors to help pay for some of the challenged entrants.


Barry's Kids is hoping to raise money thru out the year to help with these various groups and activities for children.    The money raised will help out children whose families need help with food, rent, utilities;  children with physical disabilities that need help with their medical costs, living costs, or just who want to be part of a team.   Barry's Kids will do the same for children in group homes and foster care.    It should be noted that Barry's Kids is not limited to just children, but young adults as well that are in group homes or are challenged.


Barry's Kids thanks you and appreciates your participation of support in this endeavor to help the children. We are always looking for new partners in our task to supply activities and help for the needy.




Barry’s Kids

Nonprofit Corporation

Children’s Bowling League



Dear Future Sponsor;



Barry’s Kids is a non-profit corporation that has a ND solicitation license and federal tax id #45-0455398. This nonprofit corporation is designed to assist with beginning youth bowlers in the Bismarck-Mandan area. 


The Youth Bowlers league range in age from 4 to 16 years of age.  Many of our bowlers are physically and/or mentally challenged, some are in foster homes. Many of these families cannot afford the extra costs of equipment, shirts, fees and or scholarships that are incurred.  Bowling is a sport that everyone can enjoy for a lifetime. Barry’s Kids league bowlers participate Saturday mornings at Ten Spot Lanes.


Barry’s Kids has been incorporated since 1996, and we have been able to raise over $100,000 and have been able to help over 5000 children in the Bismarck-Mandan area. These children have been helped not only financially, but with a sense of pride, teamwork, accomplishment, and camaraderie. Many of these children have grown into very fine young men and women and continue today as league bowlers, not only in adult leagues, but also in Special Olympics.


Your support would be greatly appreciated.  All sponsors are displayed on a sponsor board and on bowling shirts that the bowlers wear. 


Thank you for considering a donation to help youth bowlers.





Barry L. Schneider

President, Barry’s Kid’s

H 222-8751

W 425-1039

Cell 425-3351

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